Impact 2018 | Impact Your World
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What Is Impact 2018?

Impact 2018 is our response to God’s call to recommit, refocus and redirect our hearts to reach our world with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Only after hearts are transformed can lasting and meaningful change take place. That is why we are starting the year with 21 days of Prayer and Fasting.

3 impactful Wednesday night services

January 10th, 17th, and 24th

Dr. Julia McMillian

Dr. McMillan is Founder and Senior Pastor of New Dawn Restoration Center in Tampa. Her primary focus is the Deliverance, Development and Deployment of the flock to which she is entrusted. Dr. McMillan is the educational and spiritual mentor to many and with great honor on June 27, 2013 she was formally installed and elevated to the lower house of the Episcopacy, as Overseer of the Kingdom Council of Interdependent Churches & Ministries, Southeast Region, by Bishop David M. Copeland, Presiding Prelate.

Bishop John Guns

Bishop Guns is the Senior Pastor of St. Paul Church of Jacksonville, Inc. where he has totally revived what was once a rigid, placid, traditional southern Baptist church into an oasis of FAITH, FELLOWSHIP and FUN. Through extremely innovative thinking and an approachable spirit, Bishop Guns has epitomized koinonia before this great congregation and has ultimately built an amazing community of worshipers. His love for worship is evident whenever the St. Paul family gathers!

Dr. Lance Watson

Dr. Watson serves as Senior Pastor of the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia and chief visionary for its corporate affiliates. He is host of the telecast “Positive Power” seen around the world at Saint Paul’s has been noted by the Virginia General Baptist Association as one of the fastest growing churches in Virginia and as one of the fastest growing churches in the nation by Outreach Magazine. This young, progressive and forward-looking congregation for “People On the Grow” serves as the spiritual home for more than 12,000 persons and supports mission and ministry causes around the globe.

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